Are you looking to launch your own cryptocurrency, but unsure where to begin? Maybe you don’t want to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars hiring a developer? A Few Bad Newbies now offers the ability to everyone, so anyone can do just that regardless of their background experience or wallet size! Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is meant for all.

This shop offers an anonymous route. The checkout page does not collect personal information, but rather instead demands the requested amendments of your customizable settings. The only time you’ll have to provide your legal personal information, is if you’re using a centralized platform such as PayPal, Venmo, or Credit Card to purchase the contract. Please utilize our Decentralized Payment Options to remain hidden and upon doing so, ensure you are on either Binance Smartchain or Ethereum Mainnet first before completing the transaction.

You choose the token information.

  1. Token Name
  2. Token Symbol
  3. Token Total Supply

You choose what the percentages are.

  1. Developer Wallet Tax
  2. Liquidity Pool Tax
  3. Burn Tax

You deploy the Smart Contract.

  1. Using Remix IDE (browser)
  2. Maintain Absolute Control
  3. Guaranteed to Work

You will receive.

  1. Walk-through on Deployment
  2. Basic Explanation on “Pancakeswap”, “Uniswap”, or “QuickSwap” DEX Listing

You will need in order to deploy.

  1. Enough Native Token of Chain of Choice

Once your contract is deployed, our job is finished; we are not responsible for what you do thereafter. We do not want your keys, and we will not deploy for you even if you send us the money to cover its cost. This is not a launch platform. Your money and your investors are solely your responsibility as the deployer of a new cryptocurrency.

All customizable aspects of the smart contract are completed upon checkout.

Once payment is processed, your contract will be emailed to the provided address within 24 – 72 hours. While we will never share it… if you’re looking to stay anonymous, please don’t use your personal email address.

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